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Out of place, but it was nice, There’s a particularly sensitive part of a man’s lower torso, just above his hipbone, that when touched, kissed, licked or bitten, gains the most gloriously surprising reaction from them, she knew this and smiled as she looked up knowingly at his response….

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, Click here. ” “Unless I'm just like you, is that it,” her teacher said by finishing her sentence!?! “A-are you,” Ellyn asked, almost afraid to find out what the answer would be!?! For the moment ignoring the young girl's question, Miss Gray slowly opened her robe to reveal her large naked breasts to Ellyn's bulging eyes and asked softly, “Do you like large breasts, dear, mine are 38d!?!” Still in a state of shock, nothing sound would come out of Ellyn's mouth, so when Miss Gray took her hand and placed it directly on one of her large boobs she offered no resistance what so ever!!! “Mmmmmm, you have very nice hands,” her teacher said while leaning back on the sofa, “would you like to suck them!?!”

Finally regaining her bearings, Ellyn opined softly, “They're huge, does it feel nice when I'm touching them!?!” “Oh, yes,” she replied softly, “but if you suck them it feels even nicer,” and so with her left hand, she took Ellyn by the back of the neck and gently but firmly pulled her mouth to her already engorged nipple!!! “Oh, my,” Miss Gray sighed, “are you sure you haven't done this before, it's never felt this good before, I must say that you're incredible!!!” Ellyn was still a little unsure of herself, but the taste of a hot nipple in her mouth was just about the greatest thing she had ever experienced, so for the next twenty minutes or so she contentedly nursed at the huge tit, relishing the sensations she could feel rushing through her young body!!! Finally, Miss Gray pulled her face up to her own, and without any fanfare kissed the eighteen year old full on the mouth, while using her tongue to probe deep inside of her!!! “Oh, my,” Ellyn gasped when they broke apart, “t-that was wonderful!!!” Miss Gray kissed her again, but this time when they broke away she asked, “If you want to feel even better, let me show you!!!”

“What do you want me to do,” Ellyn whispered into Miss Gray's ear!?! Without answering, Miss Gray spun half way around on the couch, opened up the lower part of her robe, and then lay back down and spread her legs wide apart, exposing her very hairy vagina to Ellyn's startled eyes and said in a very soft voice, “This is what you've been dreaming about, baby, now be a good girl and suck your teacher's pussy!!!” The pungent aroma of the freshly aroused organ wafted up to Ellyn's nose, which immediately caused her own pussy to drench, and which naturally acted like a magnet to her hormone filled body!!! “I-I'm not sure quite how to do it,” she stammered!!! “Don't worry, dear,” Miss Gray said gently, “you're a natural, just put your mouth right on the crack and let you tongue do the rest!!!” Gingerly at first Ellyn lowered her mouth to the bulging sex organ, until her lips and nose were being tickled by the thick tangle of pubic hair!!! “That's a good girl,” Miss Gray sighed, “almost there now, just a little more, ooooooooooo yes, you're so fucking good, do it to mama!!!” It was even better than her dreams, and Ellyn knew this was where she belonged, between the legs of a dominant woman, one who knew exactly what she wanted and how she was going to get it!!! From her own masturbatory experiences Ellyn instinctively knew to gravitate to the clitoris, but what she wasn't ready for was the intensity of Miss Gray's orgasm as she bucked her hips up into Ellyn's mouth, urgently demanding that she be orally satisfied and right now!!!

Another thing that Ellyn seemed to sense, was that Miss Gray seemed to want her to keep her mouth in contact with her pussy for a little while longer, a task that Ellyn was more than happy to perform!!! While Miss Gray softly stroked her long blonde hair she said softly, “You're a wonder, baby, you made mama come so hard, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! Ellyn locked eyes with her teacher, and said with a sigh, “I've never felt this comfortable before, thank you for being so patient with me!!!” Miss Gray momentarily closed her eyes as a small whirlwind was beginning to spin out of control in her pussy!!! As Ellyn's insistent tongue began anew to work it's magic Miss Gray gasped, “L-like I said, you're a fucking wonder!!!”


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