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he came out of the bathroom after the bath
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Girl Fuck Touch The Body Hd – In the Zoo Cashier Lady Tiny Tina And Boy is Body Massage Endless Pleasure

(i gave harveys dad the cheque and i will carry on from when we was flying back from new york)

so on the plain back me and harvey was enjoying first class i looked over at my hustband and sore him feeling his dick up i said “harvey stop feeling your self up in public” harvey looked at me and said “i cant help it i get weird erection when im on a plain” i started laughting and harvey said “it isnt funny babe its embarresing” so we landed back in la and harveys eretion had gone down we cleared customes and and that stuff and drove back to are apartment

when we got back to the apartment i was so fucking angry at dean i put my keys in the door and was greated by a massive smell of liquor and people me and harvey didnt know sleeping in are bed the floor even in our shower we walked into the living room and all of sudden harvey shouted “DEAN!!” he walked out of mine and harveys bedroom in just his boxer shorts and said “hey man how was new york i thought you was back tomorrow” i said “i bet you fucking did” harvey was so mad he was red in the face he looked at dean and said “are you taking the fucking piss” dean said “sorry man i dint think you would mind a few people over” harvey said “pack your shit up and go home now!!!”

i took a look around the apartment and it was trashed i shouted at the top of my voice “everyone get fucking out now!!” one by one everyone left and it was just me and harvey in are apartment harvey walked over to me and hugged me i said “look at this place baby there is hundreds of dollars worth of damages” harvey said “its okay babe we will sort it out together” (we was really deverstated)

i said “babe call your mom see if she will help us and i will call mine” so we did and are parents came to help just over 3 hours it took us to clean are partment top to bottom my mom said “why dont you 3 come over to my house and have dinner” so we did we all got in are cars and drove over to my parents

me, harvey, my mom, bella, my dad and francais all sat down to a big dinner and we started talking bella said to me and harvey “are you looking forward to going to alabama” i put a fake smile on my face and i think harvey did to and said “yeah we cant wait” so are meal went on with everyone talking and i was getting kinda hot for harvey so i reached my hand over and started rubbing him under the table harvey face was so funny he was trying to not show he was enjoying it and then my mom stood up to go to the bathroom and all the men at the table stood out of respect even harvey but no one noticed he was hard and he quickly sat back down i started laughting and my dad said “whats so funny son” “just harvey dad thats all” my dad said “what do you mean” “its a little hard to exsplain” “okay then son” so the night ended and harvey went down again i had had a few glasses of wine so harvey drove us home it felt kinda weird being in the porsha again

when we got home harvey said “babe did you really have to fell me up under the table” l walked over to harvey and said “what would happen if i felt you up now” saying that i started to rub him harvey started kissing me and i kissed him back he lead me into are bedroom and i said “babe i cant i cant have sex on that bed knowing someone else has had it in there to” harvey said “well where are we going to do it babe” “remember when we was back at school and you was looking in my closet and we had sex in there” harvey broke my sentence and said “you wanna have sex in the closet” i laughted at harvey and said “im game if you are” harvey swang the walk in closet doors open so fast i thought they was going to break and lead me inside we laid down on the floor and started kissing again harvey ripped open my shirt and i said “babe!! i just brought this shirt two days ago” harvey smiled and said “sorry babe” so i open harveys shirt nicely and harvey took of my pants and i took his off we both wasnt wearing any boxer short i got ontop of harvey and he shoved his dick in me and we was fucking for a go hour and he cummed in my ass when we was done harvey took it out and i laid on top of him and said “babe did you know we have had sex every day for the past two weeks now” harvey smiled at me and said “yes babe and i loved every one we have had” so me and harvey both got up and had a shower i said to harvey “babe we need to go shopping for a new bed because i cant sleep in that bed im sorry” harvey looked at me and said “babe i understand i wasnt feeling so hot about sleeping in it my self,….

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Wrestling Touch The Body Hd – In the Zoo Cashier Lady Tiny Tina And Boy is Body Massage Endless Pleasure Massage

I grew up in utah and yes I was a Mormon, Click here. After a while he stopped and said that's what a blow job is

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