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Yanks - [Shhhh Be Quiet] Keyoncepugh Big Dick Get Swinging High As Rock 1

Hotwife Yanks – [Shhhh Be Quiet] Keyoncepugh Big Dick Get Swinging High As Rock

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i pant and look in ur eyes
[6:07:24 PM] Black Stallion: my hips start humping into ur face, feels os fucking good
[6:07:30 PM] kevin6666: hmmmm my tongue lickin you so hard
[6:07:36 PM] kevin6666: i start to gag
[6:07:51 PM] Black Stallion: i hold ur head with both hands,
[6:08:06 PM] kevin6666: hmmmmmmm
[6:08:10 PM] Black Stallion: puhing u down so far I MOOOAAN from ur mouth
[6:08:29 PM] kevin6666: i GAAAG hard
[6:08:36 PM] kevin6666: coughin up spit
[6:09:10 PM] Black Stallion: fuck kevin FUCK
[6:09:18 PM] Black Stallion: wish u were here, this cock needs u
[6:09:19 PM] kevin6666: you are so huge
[6:09:21 PM] kevin6666: n so hard
[6:09:24 PM] kevin6666: n so big
[6:09:29 PM] kevin6666: i moan loud
[6:09:33 PM] Black Stallion: mmmmmmmm yes you fucking love it
[6:09:37 PM] kevin6666: gag from time to time
[6:09:46 PM] kevin6666: i look up
[6:09:46 PM] Black Stallion: spit and pre dripping down to my balls
[6:09:57 PM] kevin6666: you all wet man
[6:10:11 PM] Black Stallion: i pull u off my dick to smack ur bitch face with my wet cock
[6:10:17 PM] Black Stallion: yes
[6:10:36 PM] kevin6666: i try to lick away that hot spit mixed with your pre
[6:10:58 PM] Black Stallion: mmmmm i grab u by the hair and pull u to my mouth kissing u deep
[6:11:10 PM] Black Stallion: tasting all that spit and pre, my tongue on yours
[6:11:20 PM] kevin6666: oh damn yess nigga
[6:11:37 PM] kevin6666: fuuck, you are so hot
[6:11:39 PM] kevin6666: i stare into your eyes
[6:11:48 PM] kevin6666: love it when you are so crazy horny
[6:11:53 PM] kevin6666: i LOVE IT
[6:12:12 PM] Black Stallion: fuck that just made me moan outloud so loud
[6:12:14 PM] Black Stallion: fuck
[6:12:29 PM] kevin6666: LOL, good
[6:12:55 PM] Black Stallion: i kiss u on the face, going down to the side of your neck
[6:13:04 PM] kevin6666: hmmm, kiss me haaard
[6:13:09 PM] Black Stallion: kissing and licking under ur chin and down ur neck
[6:13:09 PM] kevin6666: leave your love bites
[6:13:23 PM] Black Stallion: i suck and bite your neck hungry
[6:13:33 PM] Black Stallion: spit dripping on you from my mouth
[6:13:49 PM] kevin6666: that made me moan out loud lol
[6:13:56 PM] kevin6666: hmmmmmmm
[6:14:01 PM] Black Stallion: going up to your ear whisper, remember you are only my fucking sex bithc, mmy white boi toy to use for my horny cock
[6:14:02 PM] kevin6666: OOOOHHH
[6:14:14 PM] kevin6666: yesssss jon, i know
[6:14:23 PM] kevin6666: oh FUCK YES I KNOW
[6:14:28 PM] Black Stallion: i grab ur cock, stroking ur wet precum covered dick
[6:14:35 PM] Black Stallion: your dick is mine boi,
[6:14:39 PM] Black Stallion: your ass is mine
[6:14:44 PM] Black Stallion: your whole body is mine
[6:15:00 PM] Black Stallion: i open my jaw wide and bite ur neck, sucking on it hard
[6:15:10 PM] kevin6666: FUUUUUUUCK, english doesn't have enough fuckin words to describe how damn fuckin hot you are
[6:15:36 PM] Black Stallion: mmmmm i know just where to touch you, just what buttons to push for you my boi
[6:16:07 PM] kevin6666: i pull your head closer with one hand and grab your balls with my other hand
[6:16:15 PM] kevin6666: squeezing n pullin em down
[6:16:50 PM] Black Stallion: mmmmmm they're full of so much cum to give you
[6:17:00 PM] kevin6666: i can feel it man
[6:17:10 PM] Black Stallion: i mooooan, and open my jaw wider, biting you harder in response
[6:17:25 PM] kevin6666: i squeeze your balls
[6:17:27 PM] kevin6666: hmmm fucker
[6:17:33 PM] kevin6666: FUUUCK
[6:17:44 PM] Black Stallion: i bite harder and harder, moaning and grinding into u
[6:17:45 PM] kevin6666: i feel your cum, so much, so full
[6:17:49 PM] Black Stallion: MMMMMMM
[6:18:06 PM] Black Stallion: damn, now i got pre on my clean shirt, have to wash it before i can wear it
[6:18:22 PM] kevin6666: LOL
[6:18:24 PM] Black Stallion: so much of it , mmmmmm, but it tastes good
[6:18:28 PM] kevin6666: fucin take it off man
[6:18:37 PM] Black Stallion: i know you're love to taste it
[6:18:39 PM] kevin6666: i'd looooove to taste it too
[6:18:40 PM] Black Stallion: yeah i did
[6:18:42 PM] Black Stallion: lol
[6:19:15 PM] kevin6666: hmmmmm
[6:19:21 PM] kevin6666: crazy how hard i an
[6:19:23 PM] Black Stallion: sooo hot kevin
[6:19:38 PM] kevin6666: i feel your marks on my neck
[6:20:11 PM] Black Stallion: mmm im clenching my jaw right now, panting and wanting your neck
[6:20:43 PM] Black Stallion: fuck fuck, mmmmm, xxxbule.net. OH FUUUUUUUUCK
[5:53:26 PM] kevin6666: lots of pree drippin out of my dick
[5:53:41 PM] Black Stallion: mmmm same
[5:53:44 PM] kevin6666: fuuuck jon

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Date: November 26, 2021